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In Tais we have the absolute conviction that an image is better than a thousand words. Therefore, all our hostesses go through a rigorous selection process and are highly trained to perform with exquisite professionalism in all types of events: conferences, trade shows, congresses and so on. Having a high cultural level, good appearance, communication skills, sense of responsibility, language skills, is for sure, the common
denominator of the Tais staff.


In TAIS we know that our staff is our greatest asset, so we don’t skimp on recruiting the team with the concerns and skills needed to become the best. Tais only has room for the people who are passionate about their work.


Each event has specific personnel requirements. In Tais we offer you an experienced team at every moment.

• PROTOCOL HOSTESS: Authorities reception in official events, openings, liaison between authorities and Protocol and Media heads.

• CONGRESSES HOSTESS: Front speakers, attendance record, picking up, control room, microphones, gift-giving, data collecting.

• TRANSFERS HOSTESS: Reception and welcome customers at airport, hotels and restaurants as well as for their entire trip. We also offer authorized tourist guide service.

• PUBLIC RELATIONS HOSTESS: Hosts, guides and help on behalf of one institution to others outside it.

acredicon FAIRS /

Every event requires a specific staff. Whatever you need, at TAIS S.L. we offer you a team of experienced professional for each occasion.

• FAIR HOSTESS: those who have the ability to get on well with people, wheter serving the public or at an information desk. We cover all the needs to manage the accreditation of a fair uickly and efficiently. This is our forte. The experience and our versaltility for acreditation is unique.

• IMAGE HOSTESS: Those that shine with their own light. those that have a plus of beauty. Sympathy. Personality. The best suilned for when your company needs to project a flawless image.


If the first impression is what really matters we have to look impeccable and a good image is essential to achieve this. A uniform not only says a lot about a person but it also reflects your company. Our uniforms are a good tastes and quality ones and can be adapted to your needs.


If there is one adjective that perfectly defines our secretaries it is efficient. Whether developing administrative or executive activities. Tais secretaries deal completely competently with the major functions that a good secretary must face every day::

atencion-cliente CUSTOMER SERVICE /

Having adequate staff to serve customers is a priority since this will guarantee your satisfaction and will increase your confidence in the company. A customer who feels satisfied with the service will return, but for every disgruntled client ten potential ones won´t get to know you.


The secretarial work is based on digital technology and on two fundamental pillars: communications – internal and external – that tend to the globalization of work through the IT, and the integrated office automation, which combines the roles once played by multiple persons and devices. An updated service in this sector means accepting two opposing concepts which are integrated and global. Our Secretaries are experts in software packages management, but not only that, they are trained in more than one language and are capable of assuming responsibility in decision-making.

traduccion TRANSLATIONS /

Our secretarial staff guarantees highest quality in multilingual personalized service, on-time and absolutely confidential.

archivo-icono DATA REGISTRATION /

Saving, storing, organizing and control of your documents and files is a primary task to safeguard your interests, always in a confidential and agile manner aimed at an immediate access to required information.

centralita CALL CENTER /

Its tasks include to receiving incoming calls both from the outside and inside the event, and giving advise to the costumer. Our staff is expert in the handling of electronic control units. The operator can take, record and transmit messages, communicate the availability or not of the interlocutor, and provide other related information.


Our staff is up to date in this subject to meet the demands of a global and competitive market, where a fluid understanding is basic to the achievement of the objectives of your company or task.


Just a small thing can change the meaning of a text. In Tais we are aware of this. Therefore we are not just atisfied with having the best bilingual translators. We also require them to be experts on the subject treated. Only with this efficient method can we guarantee a high quality service with a quick response, delivery and strict confidentiality.

TAIS S.L. offers translation services in the following areas:


worn translations are official translations that provide the same validity as the original document, since they are sealed and signed by the official sworn translator authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which performs the function of notary and gives public faith of sworn translation fidelity to be valid before public authorities and official institutions. When required TAIS S.L. has official translators at their disposal to carry out sworn transaltions.


Companies are choosing TAIS S.L. for their translation of commercial catalogues, contracts, trade agreements, presentations, corporate brochures, leaflets and ultimately any document of a commercial nature, they know that the success of a good translation is based on specialization and this is exactly what TAIS S.L. offers. This requires that all translation of commercial documents is done by native speakers professional with a wide experience able to transmit or reflect the spirit and strength of the original documents into the language of the target market.


Translations of telephone calls and videoteleconference interpretations are something usual among the needs of the business world. TAIS S.L have the best resources to do this and you will find at your disposal qualified personnel to meet the requirements of translation and interpretation of a conversation at a distance and in real time.


In TAIS S.L you will find specialists in translating in web pages the main languages. We have 100 native translators, working side by side with web designers to produce accurate, precise and elegant, web translations made directly online. We take care of everything: we translate your website quickly and at a reasonable cost.


Certification is a feature and a key element of sworn translation which gives validity. All sworn translation must carry a certification at the end of the translation, along with the stamp and the signature of the sworn translator. In TAIS S.L. you will find the committed suitable professionals to carry out this, in an efficient way and with all the necessary guarantees.

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Without a doubt the best way to introduce you to Tais S.L. is through our customers. Leading companies have trusted us for our high level of commitment to quality. Having the opportunity to work closely with all of them is a great satisfaction that keeps us alive and eager to improve day by day.



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